“Enjoy The View”

Published by Source Books Casablanca, Jan 2021

This is my first book by Morganthaler. I’ve heard great things about the other books in the series and I plan to read them.
River is an actress desperate to be relevant. She’s not getting gigs anymore saying she’s too old. So she’s going to try her hand at producing. And she finds herself in Alaska trying to film a documentary about a small town called Moose Springs. Although the town hates outsiders and won’t let her film anywhere. What is she supposed to do?
Easton is driving on a large stretch of road when he sees a lone female with a large suitcase. She’s miles from any town so he pulls out to give her a lift. Only she yells at him! Before he knows it, he’s agreed to help her and he’s holding a pizza box. He never could’ve known how the act of stopping by would change his life.
River wants to film Mount Veil and climb “The Old Man” and Easton is her guide. There’s lots of climbing and adventure, man buns, screaming marmot and the craziest days of their lives.
At the beginning I disliked how rude River was expecting everyone to bow down to her and her project. I liked her friends Jessie and Bree. This definitely makes me never want to mountain climb, I will happily read about it from the safety of the couch. Although I do like hiking. And Easton is a big ol’ teddy bear! Or SH (sexy hagrid 😂). He’s silent, strong and steady like the mountains he climbs. It’s been said that he is basically Jason Momoa. So I don’t know how you can go wrong with this book!
The marmot seriously- believe it or not this was a love triangle trope that involved a marmot.
I really liked this book and could see it play out as a movie. It had a sweet romance. Closed door/tent.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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