“A Dance in Donegal”

Published by Revell Books Feb 2021

I didn’t know what I was really signing up for by reading this – I never read or remember book descriptions – but I loved the title, cover and I follow the author on IG. And she’s awesome. So I knew I had and wanted to read this.
Moira loses her mother and is living in Boston 1920 and decided to fulfill her mother’s wish – of Moira going to Ireland. She finds a teaching position in Ballymann and it’s culture shock to the small town life and not understanding the language. (Did her mother never speak Gaelic? Moira said they went to craic and she never picked anything up? It seems unlikely to me as cultural heritage groups like that are very tight and close).
It’s a rough start for Moira – teaching and becoming friends with the town. A past secret of her mother’s follows her around like a shadow. And you learn a lot about Irish culture, some about superstition and others about rituals.
It was slow to get into but I liked it. Moira at times was clueless, she made mistakes but she learned and grew. She came to rely and trust in the Lord. Themes of love, forgiveness, redemption and faith are as interwoven in this book as the trinity clover.
I thought I knew how this book would end and was happily surprised a few times. Definitely need more – a epilogue or something.
Trigger Warning – brief description of assault.
Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley for an arc copy of this book for an honest review.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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