“This Time Next Year”

Published Dec 2020 by GP Putnam’s Sons

This was a fun book. Normally I don’t like time jumps in books because it gets confusing from the major storyline. But this wasn’t too confusing since most of the flashbacks were always on New Years Eve.
Minnie was born on New Year’s Day. She didn’t have a problem with that. She was supposed to be named Quinn (but a super to-do women, that was giving birth at the same hospital as her mom, stole the name. (As well as a cash prize for first baby born in the year – but no one ever brings that up …🥴)). It also isn’t because her name is Minnie Cooper and she was teased relentlessly- it’s because Quinn means lucky. Her problem is she feels the opposite. Bad things always happen to her on New Year’s Eve.
Like NYE 2019 she got locked in a bathroom stall all night. And guess who comes to open it the next day – Quinn. THE Quinn. Name stealing and everything. And of course he’s posh and sexy. His girlfriend is throwing the party for him and Minnie – got a drink spilled on her, lost her coat and hello – slept on a bathroom floor…this is not the way to start a new year or your birthday…
This was a great RomCom that you could see play out. It was funny, had endearing friends and moments that you cheered everyone on. There was a lot of growth and perspective. While slightly predictable, it was still enjoyable.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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