“To Love And To Loathe”

Published by Atria Books April 2021

I have wanted to read “To Have and To Hoax” since it came out and I still haven’t read it but “To Love and To Loathe” became available in Net Galley and I couldn’t resist!
This can be read as a stand alone which was great. There’s a nice group of friends. Diana is widowed which is exactly as she wants! She has a title, money, comfortable home and freedom. Before she never had such relief. And she wouldn’t be foolish again to ever remarry and lose it all.
Diana and her friends go to the Marquess of Willingham, Jeremy and known rake, country estate for a house party. Diana enters a wager with Willingham that she can get him married within a year. He agrees knowing he won’t marry.
He’s worked tirelessly for years to overturn the estate to earning a profit, hasn’t come to terms with the passing of his brother, he doesn’t need to worry about pleasing a wife. Especially because he pleases his mistresses until one complains. This throws off his game.
Diana keeps throwing Willingham with another guest hoping it ends with them forming an attachment but somehow it never works how she envisioned. There’s a crotchety old grandma, Diana and Jeremy enter into an agreement to help each other out.
I really liked this and it kept my interest from the beginning. There is quite a few mentions of sex with a few intimate scenes but I did enjoy the sweet romance and character growth. I definitely want to read the first book now and can’t wait for the third! It kind of reminded me of a Regency “Sex in the City” (I haven’t watched it to know) so maybe like a Regency “Friends” as you do get Jeremy’s POV too.
Thank you to Atria Books, the publisher, for the arc copy.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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