“The Friend Zone”

Published by Forever Books June 2019

This is like 3.5 stars. This has been on my tbr pile for forever! I listened to the audiobook (I didn’t love the narration but it wasn’t enough to stop me). It kept me interested throughout.
Kristen makes small dog t-shirts and hires out a carpenter to make ladders for small dogs. It’s a successful business and her boyfriend is in the military and out on a deployment. They’ve dated for 2 years but have only spent a few weeks together. He’s due home soon and will live together and she’s having second thoughts.


She’s driving her BFF’s fiancé new truck when she gets in a fender bender. The jerk behind her must’ve been on his phone. It couldn’t possibly be her fault or how she spilled her coffee…
Josh just moved into town and is a fireman/EMT and came out to the city by his friends invitation. The friend also is getting married so it was convenient to be there to help with wedding preparations.
I really liked Josh, he was steady and knew what he wanted throughout the whole book. Kristen was a mess and her emotions flip flopped all the time. It was getting exhausting and annoying. But I suppose if I had a period and horrible cramps for 3 weeks out of every month I would do the same. 😅
I appreciated that this book highlights that women have periods 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and that infertility issues, while a touchy subject, shouldn’t be kept quiet. Lots of women experience miscarriages, endometriosis, etc that can make living life impossible.
There was drama at the end. Lots. I liked that some was realistic and others…wasn’t and predictable.


Language, some intimate scenes. And again – trigger warning for infertility. But I still plan to read the next book and the third that coming out soon.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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