“Amelia Unabridged”

Published Feb 2021 by Wednesday Books

When one of your Bookstagram besties said this is one of her top 2021 books and it’s 10 days into Jan – you know you have to read this book!
Amelia Unabridged is about Amelia, newly graduated from high school and ready for life to begin. Her BFF Jenna has their whole lives planned out. They’re eagerly awaiting for their FAV author, N E Endsley, to announce his final book at a book conference. Only the overhead speaker announce he’s unable to attend.
Frustrated and upset, Amelia goes to the bathroom before leaving, when she returns to Jenna, Jenna tells her she spoke to N E Endsley! Amelia can’t even talk to Jenna. Little did they know it would be their last words.
A mysterious book delivered to Amelia causes her to fly to Michigan seeking out a quirky independent bookstore (I seriously need it in my life!) and the people that live in this little town will change her life.
I love the title and there’s even a quote, “Or maybe I would focus on the crumpled edges of the removed pages and call it Amelia Abridged.” There is beauty in grief and overcoming it. It’s not something to ignore or to hope to skip through. It changes you and touches everyone differently. Little did Amelia know how she’d change during one week in a small bookstore near Lake Michigan.
I won this arc and I can’t wait to buy the physical copy! This YA is perfect for any book lovers. With plenty of references to other books, the imagination of living in books but also part of the living world is something I think everyone can relate to and that Amelia doesn’t have her life planned out. She’s a great heroine and Nolan is still something of a mystery but I love him and his story arc and how it’s unfolded.

When your book buddy uses the same words to describe a book and it really is!

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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