“Mr. Malcolm’s List”

Published 2020 by Berkley

This was a fun fast read. It reminded me of a mashup between a Regency “She’s All That” and Cinderella. It was full of drama, miscommunication and bodies of water. 😉 I didn’t know how it was going to end!
Mr. Malcolm, while not titled, has plenty of wealth and prestige that women throw themselves at him. The marriage mart is too wide and full of silly females. He creates a list to make it easier to narrow down the perfect woman for him.
She must be musical, beautiful, graceful, kind and aware of politics and have genteel relations.
Julia learns of Mr.Malcolm’s list after learning she didn’t make the cut and is going to make him rue the day he ever made that list. But will her friend Selina play along? Mr.Malcolm has broken hearts along the way, will he get his just desserts and get his broken too?
I couldn’t put this down! And I could definitely see it play out as a movie and learned they made one! There wasn’t much character growth for Selina but I loved all the characters. Maybe a little less of Lord Cassidy. 😅I was thrown for a loop when Lord Malcolm came and it seemed unnecessary. There wasn’t much insight into characters and almost a comedy of errors because there was lots of scheming.

Book quote from Suzanne Alain, author of “Mr. Malcolm’s List”

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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