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Published Oct 2020 by Dial Press

I love Sophie Kinsella and have read all her stand alone books (I haven’t read all of the Shopaholic series but most of it). So I know what to look for in a SK book – funny LOL moments, quirky heroine who sticks to her guns even if there’s tons of pit stops and detours along the way.
Ava has lots of interests- collecting old furniture and books, learning about aromatherapy and trying her hand at writing a novel. Her time is spent with friends and her crazy rescue beagle Harold. Ava decided to go on a writing retreat in Italy. They’ve left their lives behind, use nicknames and can’t share anything personal of their lives.
Ava aka Aria at the retreat, meets a handsome man named Dutch. Of course it’s not really his name but they have an idyllic vacation and fall into insta love knowing nothing personal about their lives.
Back home in London the new couple excitement bubble pops and it seems like they have never in common.
Seriously I didn’t know how this book would end or how they could stay together. It was rough, harder to fall in love with this book than other SK books. But seriously the end made up for it! And really the friends kept the story interesting for me.
For the whole book really I didn’t relate to Ava or cheer for her and Matt. I felt like Ava kept trying to change Matt to live life like hers like trying to make him vegetarian. Or how she said no baggage but then kept asking questions about his ex’s. I completely understood Matt’s frustration. Plus being unhappy work really affects your whole outlook on life. But it was crazy that he was all of a sudden chatty and even texting in the app.

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