“American Royals”

Published Sept 2019 by Random House

Instagram made me do it. I was seeing the beautiful cover of this book all over so a few months ago I bought it and finally got around to reading. In time for the US election 😂 the irony.
For starters, I loved the world building that McGee made! Yes it’s our world but so different. The nuances and symbolism of the Revere Guard and their pin, how there’s no White House! All these tiny details. I loved it!
The book follows four females. Beatrice, the heir and next queen to be! Samantha, the younger sister and “spare”, Sam’s commoner best friend Nina and then Daphne. She once dated the prince and is ambitious enough to want more. She’s dangerous and has too many secrets.
There was so much drama and betrayal, I definitely see the Gossip Girl vibe that many used to describe it. So many tropes throughout: unrequited love, best friend to brother, Cinderella, forbidden, commoner to royalty, crazy ex-girlfriend, etc. and this is book 1!
A tad cliche, yes. Am I there for it? Yes! Throughout the book I rooted for different characters, loved them and mourned for them. McGree has enchanted us all at the idea of American Royalty.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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