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Published Sept 2020 by Bethany House

I love the Ivy Hill series and coming back! It’s been a while though but that’s okay. I think this could be read as a stand-alone.
Where to start?! A. It’s Julie Klassen and I love her books. 2. It’s a Christmas story and C. A reformed rake trope!
Richard is a bachelor through and through. He sowed his wild oats earlier in life, writes satirical commentary in the newspaper and is overly fond of his clothes. So much that he takes in a stray dog and puts his terrier in a matching waistcoat. Life is grand until his mother summons him home for Christmas or he’s cut off. Nothing could be worse than that, right? So home he goes.
His mom tries to match him up with Arabella Awdry but he remembered her from his youth and she giggled nonstop. Being home has him relieving the past, his past regrets and pain. Especially seeing his dear friend Susanna.
Loved Richard’s growth! And loved that it didn’t wrap up so quickly or as predicted.

I painted Wally

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