“A Duke For Lady Eve”

I loved this book and how Evelyn pretended to be a Lady, not to catch a Duke but because she pretended to be one when she was a little girl. I definitely pretended to be a princess when I was a girl. And then reading and learning that Evelyn plays with her younger brothers and is a pretend lady in their games is sweet too.

Alverton is used to young women throwing themselves at his feet. He hears the song of an angel and is drawn to the voice. A masked lady is attached to the voice and he earnestly offers to court her. And what does she do? Refuses him! This has never happened to him and Alverton eventually questions everything he was taught and how a Duke should act.

This was a sweet romance and I didn’t know how it truly was going to go! Even for Julia, Evelyn’s best friend. I would love another book so the other man may get his heart’s desire.

So much of this book was off of tiny lies which made larger problems for the characters. Evelyn is a strong woman and willing to do work. She is a little clueless at times but her blind ignorance is somewhat enduring. Alverton’s gruff exterior matches the wintry scene but proves beauty can be found in the quiet stillness of a wooded winter wonderland.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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