“A Haunting at Havenwood”

Ghosts + Hidden Treasure + Sally Britton writing = super fun book!
Louisa and her mother are destitute and must sell their townhouse. Her mother will stay with a friend and send Louisa to Northumberland in the middle of nowhere to stay with her great aunt.
Harbottle is near the Scottish border and you can hardly call it a village it’s so sparse. Louisa’s aunt sends her outdoors and she’s never felt as free to go and do as she pleases. Walking through the graveyard she thinks she sees a ghost.
Erasmus Grey felt prompted to return to Havenwood Lodge. If prompted meant hearing voices telling him to do so. But a respite from town life and attending his sisters and mother is welcome as he can continue to work on his next novel. He told his housekeeper to strictly keep it a secret that he isn’t home but as he finds himself wandering the familiar woods he spots a beautiful woman in a graveyard and she thinks he’s a ghost. What else can he do but go along with it?
Such an original Regency plot with believable characters. It’s well researched and I love that Harbottle is a real place. I loved both main characters and how Ras has a stutter. I loved how Louisa became brave.
This isn’t a spooky story and I loved the ghosts 😁 and this is part of the Seasons of Change series but can be read as a stand alone.
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By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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