“Saving Lord Berkshire”

I love anything by Laura Beers and so excited for a matchmaker series!
Katherine is one of the best matchmakers for the ton. She believes that everyone should marry for love and only secures love matches. There is too much heartache in life already, and she is still grieving from her own, to marry for anything less than love.
Lord Berkshire needs to find a suitor for his sister Kitty but when any gentlemen tries talking to her, she becomes mute. That won’t do and with some persuasion, seeks out the infamous matchmaker.
Lord Berkshire just wants a good match for his sister and doesn’t bother to tell her of the scheme but Katherine refuses to take Kitty on as a client with her brother treating her so backhanded. This sets off Lord Berkshire for not getting his way and starts the enemies to lovers trope. They’re always arguing with someone left upset.
There’s lots of second and third chances, forgiveness, accepting your grief and accepting love. I loved the themes in this book.
I received a copy from the author and these are my own views. This book released this week!! Check it out!
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By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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