“Instant Karma”

I loved Meyer’s “Lunar Chronicles” and went to a book signing last year where she talked about this book and I was hooked!
If I were to narrow this book down to one word it’s “snark” Meyer’s humor is on point in this YA Romance.
Prudence is unfortunately partnered with Quint as lab partners. It’s been a year of disappointment and now it’s the second to last day of the school year and they need to present their culminating project and who doesn’t bother to show up? Prudence steams ahead and presents only to get an unacceptable grade and tries to fix it. The teacher will but only if she works on it with Quint.
Prudence reads Quint’s report and was surprised to see he had interviewed someone. Thinking that maybe she can also interview this person for fixing her grade, Prudence didn’t realize it would change her life.
Karaoke is not for the faint of heart, performing is half as important as how you sing. Prue takes a tumble and knocks her head, then she finds she holds cosmic power and can grant people good karma and bad karma except it doesn’t seem to work on Quint. Hey universe! Probably shouldn’t hand the reigns of handing out justice to a teenager. 😂
This was an entertaining book full of teenage drama and again – snark! Prudence really grew over the summer and I loved all the conservation efforts with the facts dropped throughout.
This book releases on November 3rd and you won’t want to miss it! Thank you to the publisher and net galley for the audiobook that I was able to enjoy.
Note: Some mild language.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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