“The Duke’s Second Chance”

This was a quick easy read. It starts with the Duke of Granbury losing his wife during childbirth. His emotions are relatable and he’s in mourning. Feeling too much, he leaves his London townhouse and finds himself at a tea shop. It’s late and closed but the door is still open and he finds it easy to share all his grief with the pretty shop keeper.

He’s pressured to marry by family and they bring a suitable Lady Rochester. He doesn’t want to love again because he feels he can’t love another. He just needs someone to run the household.

Amelia’s father owns a tea shop but his declining health prohibits him from running it and Amelia helps out. She can’t forgot that troubled man or forget his grief as she stretches it. Then to find out he’s a Duke and that he’s to marry!

Their differences in station should be enough to stop Amelia’s heart from being effected. The Duke’s hasty engagement should stop it. Is there such a thing as second and third chances if it’s your soul’s match ?

I received this from the author. For the short length, it hits most things. Their romance feels complete. I wish it were longer, for his mother and her grandparents to have a larger role. The passage of time was off because at one point it says it’s been a month since Amelia saw the Duke and I thought it was the next day. Another time she’s with her grandparents and then magically transported back home talking to her father. It’s underdeveloped but has promise!

The duke inherits a dilapidated castle and a bunch of single sisters in need of care. This is the beginning of the “Sisters of Sussex” series. I think the next book in the series will be fun!

I had recently visited the local tea shop the same day that I finished this book. 🙂

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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