How to Make Silhouettes

When I read about silhouettes in Joanna Barker’s regency “Romancing Her Rival” book, I love when books inspire creativity! Whether it’s by baking, crafting, photography, writing, journaling, sending a card or letter – so many ways to be inspired and to create!

I quickly searched Pinterest in learning how to make some. Minus the whole trace their profile on paper – I’ve done that before and it seemed harder especially with little kids. Plus I never seemed to have the right lighting 🤷🏻‍♀️

My boys are much older now but a lot of the directions I saw called for programs to remove backgrounds. I don’t know how to do that so I made it super simple for myself. I took a picture of my boys and made sure they stood in front of a plain wall. I only had 4”x6” photo paper and their profile shot took most of the page. I cut around their outline. I used regular scissors and made sure I took my time. I know typical silhouettes that eyelashes are embellished but I didn’t feel like doing that.

Then flip the photo paper over and paint it black – the none glossy side. Any photo paper trademark will get covered up so no fear it’ll show through. It would be so fun to do different colors! Kind of like Andy Warhol’s pop colors!

Top is the photo paper flipped and then bottom-painted.

You can always do another coat of paint if you need it. The paint will dry with a textured feel to it. Now to frame it! There are plenty of the classic oval frames online but I can be impatient and not want to wait for something to be delivered days later when I want my spontaneous project to be done now 😂😂

I got these plagues at Michael’s for $1.89 and they always have coupons if you get their emails. So with a 20% off my total purchase each was $1.52. They had other fun antique-y looking plaques too that would work. And smaller sizes but I knew my picture was on the larger side.

After painting the sides black and top front, I used modge podge to glue the silhouette on and went on top to seal it. I did two coats of modge podge just to make sure it was coated and that the silhouette wouldn’t come off.

**Be careful to not put a thick layer on the colored photo paper when you’re gluing it onto the plaque. Depending on your printer and ink—the ink color could run from the glue and start to deep out from under the picture. **

I absolutely love it!! I had everything but the plaques on hand so I spent $3! The plaques do not have a hook on the back so I will need to get either a picture hanging kit or figure a way to hang it up on the wall. But I love the timeless look and I’m already thinking of making some for gifts!

One of my favorite thing about visiting my husband’s grandma’s house is seeing the Disneyland Silhouette portraits from when my husband and his siblings were children. Seeing them grow up through the silhouettes is magical! Now I don’t know when we’ll ever go to Disneyland- we wanted to go this year but Covid totally ruined a lot of people’s plans 😂😂.

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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