Book Lovers Day

To celebrate Book Lovers day today I did a few rainbow bookstacks from two of my favorite publishers. Both of these publishers produce quality work that is also clean wholesome romance.

Proper Romance Series published by Shadow Mountain Publishing
Published by Covenant Communications

The first book in the Proper Romance line is “Edenbrooke” and from then I found the Jonquil family books by Sarah M. Eden published by Covenant and it’s been a slide trying to catch up with all the books published!

Thankfully my mom has a lot and I borrowed hers and Net Galley gets the newest ones coming out which I’ve been able to read them that way for the past year but I really need to buy more books!! 😂

I do love the ease of reading on kindle but there’s nothing like holding the book, being able to share with a friend and obviously take pretty pictures of 😉

What I love about kindle is the reading insights! Sometimes it comes to me as a notification or if you click on “more” on your dash then you can click on it. It breaks it down by books read, how many books you’ve read in a month and keeps track of your reading. Longest streak by day and week. I’ve never been able to get back to try to break my record of longest daily streak! It started to fed like a chore to open up kindle to “read” if I was reading a lot of paperbacks and working and life also kept me busy so it wouldn’t be until bedtime that I opened the app really quick!

What’s your longest steak for reading? How do you like to read? 📚 vs 📱 vs 🎧

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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