“Saving Miss Everly”

Shipwrecked Peg dolls from “Saving Miss Everly”

You can never go wrong reading one of @authorsallybritton books! This was a fun take on a Regency. If you ever get tired of reading of balls and men dressed in cravats this is a nice shake up.
Hope, secretly switched places with her twin sister Grace, to go to the Caribbean with neighbors. Grace never wanted to leave home and Hope was more adventurous but when her father forbid her to go – it seemed like the only option for them to swap places. Now Hope is pretending to be Grace with the neighbors while a small day trip to another Caribbean island when their boat gets caught in a storm.
Alejandro has been stranded on the island for over a year. While it’s not ideal, it’s comfortable. He has a routine and the island has enough resources to keep him going until a beautiful woman washes up on shore. Is she a siren or an angel? Does this mean he’s gone completely crazy and hallucinating?
Soon the rest of the party on the boat wash ashore too. Temper, stress and survival surge. Hope finds it harder to keep pretending to be Grace and live up to the name. She’s also curious about the resident of the island.
I really liked Alejandro and learning a little bit about other struggles in the world at the time. I appreciated Hope’s strength. I don’t think I’d be able to keep a level head if I were in the same situation. 😅 But I hope I’d be better than Irene.
It’s vaguely similar to Gillian’s Island set in regency times. And I had to know if they’d ever get rescued. This is part of the #inglewoodseries and can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend the whole series as they’re all fantastic and I love this set of friends. Plus reading “Discovering Grace” book 2 you get more of the conflict with Hope and her parents. When Covid has essentially canceled summer – escape to the Caribbean with this book!

By Leslie_G

I love books and anything bookish!

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