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“Amelia Unabridged”

When one of your Bookstagram besties said this is one of her top 2021 books and it’s 10 days into Jan – you know you have to read this book!📚Amelia Unabridged is about Amelia, newly graduated from high school and ready for life to begin. Her BFF Jenna has their whole lives planned out. They’re …

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“Mr. Malcolm’s List”

This was a fun fast read. It reminded me of a mashup between a Regency “She’s All That” and Cinderella. It was full of drama, miscommunication and bodies of water. 😉 I didn’t know how it was going to end!📝Mr. Malcolm, while not titled, has plenty of wealth and prestige that women throw themselves at …

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“Love Your Life”

I love Sophie Kinsella and have read all her stand alone books (I haven’t read all of the Shopaholic series but most of it). So I know what to look for in a SK book – funny LOL moments, quirky heroine who sticks to her guns even if there’s tons of pit stops and detours …

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